TELIP - VoIP Gateway

Damery modular VoIP concept for all sized cable operators  


Damery offers a help for small and medium-sized operators to meet growing subscriber demand for local and long-distance voice communications via CATV network.

  • 3 FXO lines - upto 10 users
    Small office or demonstration unit

  • 8 FXO lines - upto 50 users
    Office and small network, hotels

  • 1 E1/T/J1 interface - upto 350 users
    Office and small network, middle size hotels

  • 2 E1/T/J1 interface - upto 750 users
    Middle sized cable networks and Large hotels

  • 4 E1/T/J1 interface - upto 1 500 users
    Very large Systems

TELIP is a SIP based softswitch. It has a user friendly WEB interface allowing to configure, monitor or manage user, account and billing administration.

Please take contact with us or download TELIP datasheet if you need more information.