Opportunity to travel with your test set up

A small, silent DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS (16DS/4US) with an embedded provisioning and monitoring software and a RF network simulator all in a small bag. All you need for testing your DOCSIS products and travel to your customer office to demonstrate their good performances.

The Small Light Silent Damery DOSCIS Test kit gives you the oppotunity to travel with your test set up.

DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS: CORAL pico is a 16DS/4US full DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS CMTS with an embedded provisioning and monitoring software. All IP services and cable modem generation files tools are integrated with the software and provide you the possibility to work with different test configurations.

LIGHT & SILENT: CORAL Pico is designed to reduce the fan noise and the weight of the unit in order to allow an easy transport.

EMBEDDED OnProMo: In addition to the possibility to configure CMTS, the application provides full provisioning tools for subscriber, all DHCP/TFTP/TOD services and the very suitable monitoring functions.

OnProMo Capabilities:

  • Web access
  • User Admission
  • Configuration file building
  • Support - Provisioned Registration
  • DHCP / TOD / TFTP / HTTP services
  • Subscriber and modem data base management
  • Billing option : Prepaid, postpaid traffic limited
  • Monitoring, CMTS and CM RF parameters, Rx, Tx,SNR
  • CM / CPE / IP History
  • CMTS configuration