True, Simple,Fair - those three words summarizing True-bandwidth usage module from DAMERY"

A global leader in cable Internet solutions, DAMERY SA presents its new, "true-bandwidth usage module" making possible the tiered pricing which is a winning model for consumers.

Tiered-pricing customizes Internet service in order to allow the customers to select monthly allotments that best meet their needs.

True bandwidth usage module from Damery, allows measuring and presenting the usage profiles for each customer in order to apply them the right pricing.

It promotes fairness and help to prevent the vast majority of consumers from having to subsidize the tiny number of "super-users" that now use their Internet connections at rates similar to a business.

About us:

Headquartered in Charleroi, Belgium, privately held, DAMERY is an international technology company, dedicated to develop best data transmission systems using DOCSIS protocol.

DAMERY competencies cover Provisioning and Monitoring of Docsis 3.0 /2.0 / 1.1 systems, VoIP and IPTV via Docsis

See NCTA position on this subject.