The ProMo Operations Support System (OSS) is a powerful and reliable system management solution that integrates all functions needed to operators to easily manage industry-standard DOCSIS systems. Perfectly suited for all SNMP products, ProMo is a cost-effective, web-based application that excels in performance and flexibility.

Now ProMo software is linked with "EasyBill" software for usage based billing and with Telip VoIP softswitch management tools for EMTA management.


Set of integrated tools allowing to group all kind of informations related to your subscriber. Allows to create customers, service classes, get operational information on the customer in one glance and see history data. Ultimate support deployment and daily operational management of DOCSIS compatible network.

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Set of integrated tools for interactive cable network monitoring, diagnostics and customer support. Allows to generate real-time alarm on basic parameters of your cable network. The alarm generator is a mandatory tool for deployment and daily operational management of DOCSIS compatible network

Promo is now enhanced with new subscriber true bandwidth - usage analyzer. This new tool is an ultimate help for operators getting the best return on their bandwidth investment by establishing bandwidth management policies moderating the peak time usag.

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ProMo dashboard is an ultimate tool for network operator to get an at-a-glance-understanding of the network operational status. In addition, acting as a summarization device, the ProMo dashboard is also used to highlight RF specific data, and allows the operator to drill down and inspect specific items.

It allows a browsing style of user interaction in addition to the usual menu based navigation.

System information, CMTS and CM RF parameters and traffic data are presented by ProMo dashboards.

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Network management tool that specifically supports real-time CM firmware upgrades. Automatic upgrade by group of modems, by CMTS, by MAC address, by brand,...

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Right operational tool for dynamic provisioning of DOCSIS cable modems and PacketCable™ devices. Dynamic, static IP address allocation, integrated dhcp/ tftp/tod and snmp tools. IPV4/IPV6 provisions a large number of cable devices, connected to different CMTSs.

DOCSIS 3.0/ 2.0/ 1.1 CM configuration files generation

Several provisioning modes are supported.

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