CoFi-matic®, Coax having ability of the optical fiber


CoFi-matic®, Coaxial system having the ability of the optical Fiber, allows effective use of the digital technology in the residential and tertiary buildings, as they have been cabled with the fiber.
CoFi-matic® systems take the advantage of the simplicity, robustness and cost effectiveness of the coaxial media to serve the homes.
CoFi-matic® is a Registered Trademark.

CoFi-matic® Systems Offer oriented Technical rooms


Damery diversifies in order to contribute to the expansion of digital technologies use in residential buildings by simplifying and improving the performance of internal communication networks to buildings.

Damery believes that a data transmission system, robust and inexpensive, allowing transmission speed up to 10 Gb/s, installed in buildings, will allow the use of digital services and meet the expectations of the various buildings actors.

The concrete realization of this concept will streamline the technical and economic aspects of the internal networks in collective buildings, and will push the usage of digital technologies. It will also give the possibility to share the cabling infrastructure between different ISP.

CFPB The Belgian Pole of IDFO-TIC

DAMERY cons The company Damery SA, represents CFPB, the Belgian pole of "IDFO-TIC".

Space for dialogue and action, IDFO-Tic is the "Institute for the Development of Optical Fiber in buildings used for residential and commercial sectors". IDFO-Tic brings together and makes consult the actors who are destined to play a strategic role in this evolution: ISP operators, real estate developers, industrials, professional engineering or inspection of low current installers and integrators.

We, the Belgian division, wish to offer similar services, but we also wish to take into account the needs of countries like Belgium with a very high penetration rate of coaxial media of transmission. So for such a country, the high-speed transmission on coaxial should be considered as an alternative to fiber.

Groups of activities IDFO-ICT can be summarized around 6 themes:

  • 1. Conferences and Debates Breakfast
  • 2. Training and Approvals
  • 3. Optical fiber Sectors
  • 4. Committees and Working Groups
  • 5. fibrotic a new profession
  • 6. Newsletter

Join us, together we can converge to create business by creating a new activities sectors. CoFi-matic®, Fibrotic.