EASYBILL Damery Billing Software for back office

Thanks to EasyBill, you have your company status in one glance

EasyBill is a very user friendly, open and modular software designed for small and middle sized ISP, network operators and SME selling and buying marchandise and services. It integrates all functions needed for billing of services, management of orders, HR management, cash and point of sales management.

The software can be linked with the ProMo provisioning and monitoring software, "True bandwidth usage module", in order to share the Internet services billing data.

This allows Tiered-pricing of the Internet service in order to allow customers to select monthly allotments that best meet their needs.

Perfectly suited for small and middle sized service providers, EasyBill is a cost effective, web-based application that excels in performance and flexibility.

A single screen presents easily understandable browsers and graphs that provide an instant snapshot of the company's status.

EasyBill Capabilities:

  • Statistics on the number of products, services, number of supplier invoices, customer invoices, members
  • Work tasks board
  • Last modified suppliers, customers, products, services, invoices, contacts
  • By month graphs for proposals, supplier invoices, customer invoices
  • Opened account's balances, oldest unpaid invoices, product stock alerts
  • Accounting simple accounting reports (journals, turnover) based onto database content
  • Invoices and credit note management for customers, for suppliers
  • Standing orders and withdrawal management
  • Members Foundation members management
  • Management of employees' salaries and payments
  • Project management inside other modules
  • Open poll module to make online polls (like Doodle, Studs, Rdv, ...)
  • Multi-modules tools
  • Mass E-mailing management
  • Data imports / exports Tool

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