Damery provides high-performance, scalable, cost-effective CMTS (Cable Modem Termination System) solutions for small and medium sized cable networks.

Innovative services such as fast internet - Voice over IP TV, determine the future telecommunication market.

Our aim is to bring standard-based cutting-edge-technology and services at affordable prices to deliver Voice-Video-Data over existing HFC network infrastructure.

The Damery team, mastering the basic DOCSIS 2.0/3.0 technologies, has more than 20 years of experience.

Damery has a complete range of DOCSIS-3.0/2.0 pizza-box-CMTS and Provisioning-Monitoring software products, focused mainly on small & medium sized Cable-Operators : JADE, OPAL, CORAL, ProMo

Damery in close cooperation with its customers will be able to deliver systems which will play a key role in the innovative-broadband networks.

With more than 500 CMTS operating on-site, Damery concern is to give you the best services


Yildiz ERMURAT, CEO of Damery SA


Born 1946, MSc Engineering (5 years) "Faculte Ploytechnique de Mons", Economical science (3 years) " FUCAM Mons".

Yildiz Ermurat is one of the founders of Damery S.A.

She has more than 20 years experience in HFC Broadband CATV Business.

In the period 1986 to 1989, she started the Telecom activity of SdMA (Societe Microelectronique Applique), a subsidiary of ACEC S.A. (Acquired by ALCATEL) where she was used as Director.

Prior to this, Mrs Ermurat has been used by ACEC S.A. Belgium during 14 years respectively as Design Engineer, Engineering responsible, Project manager and Leader of the European project of ESA for the satellites METEOSAT, EXOSAT, TELECOM, SPOT & for ARIANE Launcher.

Michele DAMOISEAU, CT0 of Damery SA


Born 1974, MSc Engineering (5 years) "Faculte Ploytechnique de Mons", Specialisation in telecommunications.

She is one of the founders of Damery S.A.

She has 10 years experience in DOCSIS and CMTS/CM software development.

In the period 1997-1999, she has been used as associated software engineer in CEDEL (Luxembourg).



Born 1971, MSc Engineering (5 years) , "Faculte Polytechnique de Mons", Specialization in telecom.

1 year of Formation in Business Economics (Bachalor), performed in Dutch.

She is share holder of Damery S.A. She has 10 years experience in DOCSIS and CMTS/CM hardware development

In the period 2009-2012, she worked at DAMERY S.A. She was responsible of Docsis 2.0 & Docsis 3.0 PCB implementation and of Marketing support.

In the period 1995-2009, she worked at DAPHNE S.A. as the DOCSIS CM product manager. She also worked on the Docsis CMTS/CM hardware development and on the development of SNMP module.

Prior of this, she participated to the development of low speed cable modem and CMTS, Implementation of a Prodat Tx module in a DSP environment: Transmission protocol analysis, programming, test on the real signal and presentation to ESA members.

Damery Developement Team Profile


Development and production of software and hardware, integration of triple play solutions in the Cable Network industry, mainly CMTS (DOCSIS), cable modem and OSS, VOIP, IPTV.

Damery Team Competancies
The Damery team is able to take in charge complete life cycle of technical solutions proposed to customer:

ICustomer needs analysis
Damery team is able to define with you the specification of the system you need to bring you the latest status of the new technologies.

Damery team is able to design the hardware and software functions of the required system.

The new system componenets are realized and tested by our team in our prototyp desighn laboratory.

On site implementation
Our team is able to install the material on site and to make it work.

Associated support
Our support team is reaady to help you in case of problem

Our team is extended with the support of the Universities, Freelance partners, Close partnerships with PCB manufacturing & board assembly companies