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DAMERY is a strong technology company with a very competent group of engineers.
Early in 1997, we have been the first European company to develop DOCSIS technology

Today, our product offers optimal solution for small and medium sized cable operators, hotels, and camping.
They are enhanced with the most user friendly software tools making their usage harmless for non specialists.

Our DOCSIS solutions, combined with long TV industry expertise, enable rapid service deployment of the latest broadband applications.

The right range of products to start Triple Play deployment

Focused on cable internet & VoIP solutions for very small, small and middle size cable networks, Damery offers you a complete range of data transmission products and the most original solutions for the most competitive price. See our product porfolio.

Focused on very small, small and middle size cable networks Damery offers you a complete range of eco-friendly CMTS's from 40Mbit/s to 3.200Mbit/s (Read More) Promo is a powerful, reliable and cost effective WEB application that excels in performance and flexibility. IPv4, IPv6 provisining of DOCSIS 3.0/2.0/1.0 CM, EMTA, CPE (Read More) DVB to IP gateway generate an IP stream from DVB/ S2/ C/ T receivers. Damery Docsis platform is able to transport this IP stream trough cable network to end user interfaces for Phone/ Modem/ Setup-box For more information, please contact us Damery VOIP expertise combined with "TeliP" VoIP gateway helps small and medium sized operators to meet growing subscriber demand for local and long-distance voice communications. (Read More)